Emery High Students Earn State Berths at Region History Fair


By Julie Johansen

Ms. Katherine DeBry, a history teacher at Emery High, stated, “The History Fair is a great opportunity for students to do original research on a topic that fits a yearly theme. The theme this year was Frontiers in History: People, Places and Ideas. The research for these projects can be demonstrated in five ways: writing a research paper, making a documentary, writing a play, creating a website or designing a museum exhibit.”

The students have to compose their own projects, cite all of their sources in an annotated bibliography, and include a process paper detailing the progress of their project and how they designed it.

The Emery High students that received region champion status and qualified for the state competition include: Kallee Lake with an individual exhibit titled ‘”Can You Hear Me Now?” Communication: A Frontier in History,”‘ Taya Cowley and Zach Tuttle with a group website titled “Roe V. Wade,” Zayne Perea’s individual document titled “Joes Valley Reservoir: A Local Frontier that Saved a County,” and Abby Morris and Creek Sharp’s group exhibit titled “The Louisiana Purchase.” These students can represent Emery High at the state competition and have an opportunity to go on to nationals and earn special awards.

Ms. DeBry has all her students make a project each year, but they are not required to compete. The students that do choose to compete have to finish early and follow strict criteria. She feels this is a way to involve students in critical analysis and research.

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