Emery High Theatre Department Presents “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”


The Emery High Theatre Department, under the direction of Neal Peacock, Marilee Cox and Aniston Curtis, presented a thrilling and entertaining “How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse” tour on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Every 15 minutes, narrators led a group of people on the tour.

The narrators were Noah Thomas and Julie Doria, Ashilee Byington and Abram Hadfield, and Garret Stilson and Tarryn Partkins. There were nine short scenes acted throughout the Emery High Auditorium.

In scene 0 was Laci Hulse, Justyne Jackson, Brinn Beckstead and Joe Emery. Scene 1: Bayler Griffen, Devon Miller, Helena Celis, Mikaela Jensen and Gracee Nelson. Scene 2: Afton Grindley, Erin Oliverson, Samatha Roberts, Devin Wilson, Micah Bass and Ashlynn Hilliard. Scene 3: Will Smith, Simone Burton, Damona Willie, Paytn Jeffs, Taigon Pulli and Aaron Reeve. Scene 4: Cameron Price, Amanda Johansen, Nate Smith, Jayci Funk, Cory Freeman and Harmony Wilson. Scene 5: Jacob Huntsman, Brooklyn Holt, Jennifer Martinez, Dariyan Nelson, Jadree Huntington, Cache Leavitt and Brooke Lofley. Scene 6: Jonny Jensen, Kira Saling, Kiana Pittman, Cade Stoddard, Elizabeth Nielson and Danyale Service. Scene 7: Aniston Curtis, Dereka Dasch, Travis Fehlberg, Derek Anderson and Jaymin Bertuzzi. Scene 8: Kaylie Justice, Lizzy Sprague, Duke Curtis, Sarah Hatch, Keddy Kemple and David White.

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