Emery Hosts 2014 2A All-Star Baseball Game *Photo Gallery*


Emery High School baseball coach Steven Gordon was asked to coach one of the All-Star teams after coaching the Emery Spartans to its second consecutive 2A state title. Grand High coach Jared Meador was named the 2014 coach of the year and was asked to coach the other team.

The teams met in Castle Dale and played a exciting game Saturday where Emery High School student Aniston Curtis opened the game singing the National Anthem.

Drexler Tanner Hit a two run home run over the center field fence, knocking in his Emery Spartan teammate Gavin McDermott who was on third after he smacked one to the fence and picked up a triple. Ridge Nielsen played a strong game and was named MVP for Coach Gordon’s team. Dillon Wilstead showed up late to the ball game because of a prior engagement. Wilstead pitched a great inning and went 1-1 at bat. Coach Meador gave his team’s MVP to Manti’s TJ Progoszewki. Coach Gordon’s team ended up winning 13-6 in 9 innings.

2014 2A All-Star Teams

Coach Steven Gordon’s Team (Emery Spartans)

1. Ridge Nielsen (Emery Spartans)

2. Dillon Wilstead (Emery Spartans)

3. Gavin McDermott (Emery Spartans)

4. Drexler Tanner (Emery Spartans)

5. Hudson Chapple (American Leadership Eagles)

6. Mason Powell (Gunnison Bulldogs)

7. Fisher Anderson (North Sevier Wolves)

8. Kyler Bosshardt (North Sevier Wolves)

9. AJ Schena (Delta Rabbits)

10. CJ Dinenno (South Summit Wolves)

11. Skyler Cranney (Millard Eagles)

12. TJ Stevans (Millard Eagles)

13. Kaz Mogle (Gunnison Bulldogs)

14. Drew Hill (Gunnison Bulldogs)

15. James Christensen (Rowland Hall Winged Lions)

Coach Jared Meadors Team (Grand Red-Devils)

1. Koi Cook (Grand Red-Devils)

2. Tanner White (Grand Red-Devils)

3. Camron Taylor (Grand Red Devils)

4. Tyler Hoyt (Beaver Beavers)

5. Tilson Bradshaw (Beaver Beavers)

6. James Nelson (Manti Templars)

7. TJ Progoszewki (Manti Templars)

8. Trevor Jones (South Sevier rams)

9. Austin Maloy (Monticello Buckaroos)

10. Jake Topham (Parowan Rams)

11. Caleb Murphy (Parowan Rams)

12. Kirk Harrison (Parowan Rams)

13. Steven Harp (Summit Academy Bears)

14. Bronze Eldredge (San Juan Broncos)





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