Emery Hosts Cross Country Meet


Emery, Richfield,В North Sevier and South Sevier high school’s gathered Wednesday afternoon in Ferron for a Cross Country Meet.

The teams went up near Millsite and raced the 3.1 miles to the Grub Box.

At the end of the races in both boys and girls teams ranked the same: 1) Richfield 2) Emery 3) North Sevier 4) South Sevier


First place Tyrone Hink from Richfield with a time of 17:15, second place Cash Allread from North Sevier with a time of 17:25 and third place Caleb Monson from Richfield with a time of 17:29.

Emery’s 6 fastest boys were: 7th place Brendon Jorgensen, time 18:32; 8th place Kaleb Woolsey; 9th placeВ Leedan Johnson, time 18:50; 14th place Curtis Mason, time 19:46; 18th place Stetson Bennett, time 20:16; 21st place Weston Allinson, time 21:15.


First place Jaecee Bird from Emery with a time of 22:14, second place Blayr Jeffs from Emery with a time of 22:45 and third place Talisha Hind from Richfield with a time of 23:01.

The tops 6 girls from Emery were: 1st placeВ Jaecee Bird, time 22:14; 2nd place Blayr Jeffs, time 23:01; 9th place Jamie Gilbert, time 25:27; 12th place Kassidee Oakeson, time 26:04; 17th place Brianne Akers, time 30:2; 21st place Morgan Curtis, time 31:36.

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