Emery Public Lands Discussed New Project At Huntington North


The Emery County Public Lands Council meeting opened Tuesday morning with a report from the Bureau of Land Management.

The bureau informed the council that the Little Wild Horse Canyon Road fence decision was signed, which is an Emery County right-of-way near Goblin Valley. The scoping for the desert will begin in late September, and public meetings will be held in Green River and Castle Dale. The planning area is 525,000 acres, and the boundary is from Green River to the east, I-70 to the north, highway 24 to the west and the Emery County line to the south.

The Victor Cemetery in Elmo was also discussed. Recently, petitions for people to be buried there have been submitted, but since it is not in the cemetery district, the petitions have been denied.

The Division of Wildlife Resources mentioned this time of year that it is performing a lot of habitat work throughout the state. It currently has one project underway in Emery County. The DWR is working with the BLM on Cedar Bench, covering 431 acres.

Visitation at Huntington North and Millsite State Park were both up for September. The increased number of visitors has been credited to the warm weather that the area experienced during that month. Due to the low water levels of the reservoirs, the docks at both Huntington North and Millsite have been removed.

Huntington North is currently in the middle of a large project adding electrical hookups to the camp sites. This project is anticipated to be finished by the end of October.

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