Emery School Board Action Takes Action on Agenda Items


By Julie Johansen

Swearing in of re-elected and newly elected board members began January’s Emery County School Board meeting. Laurel Johansen, Tracey Johnson and McKenzie Guymon were installed by business administrator Jared Black. Following the installation, new board officers were elected. Laurel Johansen was retained as President of the board and Tracey Johnson was elected as Vice President. Jared Black was also reappointed as business administrator for the board. The consent agenda was then approved.

Dawnette Gordon was approved for hiring as the secretary of Huntington Elementary. She will replace Gayle McDonald, who recently retired. Requests for out of state travel were granted to Emery High School Youth Coalition to travel to Washington D.C. to a drug and alcohol prevention workshop and to Green River High School FACS program in order to take blankets to the hospital in Grand Junction to the NICU unit. Principal Jensen, on behalf of Mr. Bird, requested permission for overnight stay in Salt Lake for four members of the Junior High Honor Choir.

Permission was granted with the stipulation that a male and female chaperone be with the students at all times. Principal Jensen also discussed expanding the opportunities for students by permitting more travel for sport teams. The board asked for a proposed schedule they could study before acting on this matter. Their concern was making sure students do not miss too much school.

Business administrator Black then passed out a proposed job description for a Technology Field Technician. The job would be an entry level position and placed on a grade 9 pay level. This will be taken under consideration by the board before applications are accepted.

The principal of Canyon View Junior High, Jensen, then reported the status of her school. She stated even though there are many new teachers and staff, she feels fortunate to be working with all these people. She described the Cougar Pride Positive Incentive program and the success this is having at the school. She also described the lunch probation program and homework lunch program, which has cut the failing grades in half.

Canyon View is focusing on reading, particulars are left to teachers, and the Star Test will be used to determine the success of the programs. The board informed Mrs. Jensen how they appreciate the energy and enthusiasm she demonstrates in her position.

Black then informed the board of the audit of the Child Nutrition program, announcing that it was the cleanest review in the state. The schools involved were Ferron Elementary and San Rafael Junior High. Supt. Larry Davis then reported of his enjoyment of visiting new teachers’ classrooms. He also paid tribute to a long-time employee Patricia Quarnberg, who recently passed away. The resignation of Jody Cox, teacher at Cottonwood Elementary, will require finding a long-term sub for the rest of year rather than hiring with the transitions coming in the new year.

He reported that they are in the middle of working through the replacement of sixth and ninth grades for next year. Trust Land monies to the district have increased by 30% and use must be decided by the Community Council.  Most of the funds will be used at the high school because of the increase in the number of students. The money coming from the technology grant, $70,000, has not yet been released by the State board, but plans are in place for its use as soon as it is released.

The meeting was then adjourned and executive session was called.

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