Emery School Board Discusses Recent Audit Report


Emery School Board ETV News stock photo

James Gilbert of Gilbert and Stewart visited the Emery School Board as they hosted their virtual work meeting on Wednesday evening. The purpose of his visit was to detail the recent audit report for the district.

Following Gilbert’s presentation, the audit report was presented to the board during their regularly-scheduled session promptly following the work meeting. Jackie Allred, Business Administrator, stated that it takes about three months to organize the comprehensive annual financial report that consists of nearly 150 pages.

She continued by expressing that the district is in a good financial position for the funds received and the student count remains stable, which helps. A decline in students tends to hurt funding. It was also explained that the full audit goes through a lot due to federal funding and various programs.

Allred informed the board that the audit report is a clean report and great to have. The audit is also put through certifications and it helps to ensure that the reports are accurate.

She then detailed that the general fund did have a bit of a carryover balance, which is a positive. As in previous years, a portion of the capital outlay balance has been utilized for maintenance on older buildings within the district. She expressed gratitude toward the maintenance department for that.

Allred concluded by informing the board members that the report is a good base for the district. The audit report was then approved.

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