Emery School District Considers Enrollment


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By Julie Johansen

During the work session of the Emery County School Board on March 1, five discussion items were considered.

The first item was future building needs for student enrollment. In addressing this item, Elementary Supervisor J. R. Jones requested that school board members visit two schools in Sevier School District that have the K-2 and 3-5 class situations. Teachers from Cottonwood Elementary are also planning on visiting these schools. The district will then use kindergarten registration numbers to better predict the class sizes for the coming years.

Next, levy reserves were again directed to remodeling and reconstruction purposes. The construction progress reports came from maintenance supervisor Kerry Lake, who explained that cold weather has made construction very slow and nearly impossible.

Wayne Maxfield reported the back-punch list for the Armory and Ferron Elementary is scheduled for March 9. The steel workers will start on the roof for Emery High on March 6, though underground work has been at a standstill because of the frozen ground.

Assigning board members to negotiation committees was next on the agenda. Tracey Johnson and James Winn will work with the certified committee while Kenzi Gymon and Todd Huntington will be with the classified negotiation team.

Emery School District Business Administrator Jackie Allred then instructed the board in a state-required audit training. She explained the different audits required, how they are conducted and how they are then used.

At this time, Superintendent Ryan Maughan reported a student’s request for high school graduation with 24 credits. The superintendent asked if there were any questions from the family to the board or from the board. There were none and during the subsequent open meeting, this request was approved by all board members.

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