Emery School District Emergency Connectivity Fund Program to Provide Chromebooks for Students


Emery School District Press Release

Emery School District is providing students that meet grant qualifications with a Chromebook to be used at home as an assistive technology device to meet educational needs. The Chromebook will be issued upon completion of a grant agreement and approval of student qualifications. Students qualify based on financial need or other hardship.

The district was awarded $405,000 to purchase 1,100 Chromebooks for students. The Chromebooks are to support students’ educational needs within blended learning. The grant’s intent is to provide devices that meet students’ educational needs that would not be possible without assistance.

This is a fantastic and meaningful opportunity to support our students. This grant is funded through the CARES Act. Emery School District is grateful for this opportunity and is requesting that interested students and families apply at the school where their children attend. The application is available online at emeryschools.org.

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