Emery School District Hears Requests for Tax Incentives


By Julie Johansen

Presentations and discussions opened the Emery School Board meeting hosted at Huntington Elementary on Wednesday evening. Three companies gave presentations hoping to receive a tax incentive from the taxing entities of Emery County. These entities include Emery County, Emery County School District and Emery Water Conservancy District.

The first company was Nielson Construction (Buckhorn RV Park) requesting a percentage tax reduction on the newly-built RV park in Huntington. The Huntington Mayor, Emery County Commissioner Kent Wilson and Nielson Construction were in attendance to accompany this request and discussion. Following their occupancy, investment and intentions demonstrations, John Nielson spoke about their contribution to the county over the past several years and their desire to continue to improve and help increase the revenue in Emery County.

Two solar companies were next on the agenda. The solar companies are competing and answering a request for proposal (RFP) that PacifiCorp previously issued that could consider many proposals.

Luigi Resta spoke first about Green River #1 and Green River #2. These proposed sites would be between the Moore cut off road toward Castle Valley Outdoors, all on Woody Johnson’s private property. It would be 550MW and they would build their own substation.

The next solar company, Enyo, was represented virtually by Christine Mikell. Hornshadow Solar would cover 2,400 acres south of Castle Dale, leasing from about nine property owners. This field would produce about 230MW and would be estimated to go online in 2023.

Both of the aforementioned solar fields plan to run on battery packs, which sit by the panels.

Graduation requirement changes were then discussed by the board after an introduction by Emery County School District Secondary Supervisor Yvonne Jensen. This would include an increase to 31 credits for graduation and an increase of 1 CTE credit.

She reported that requirements have not been updated since 2006. Jensen said that in order to keep in line with state requirements, changes are needed. If adopted, these changes would become effective in 2023. Fee schedules for the high schools were also considered for review by the board.

Action items were next on the agenda for approval. Superintendent Jared Black recommended the following individuals for the board’s approval: Chris James as lead cook at Cleveland Elementary, Jamie Murdoch in food service at Ferron Elementary, Kathy Mecham at Huntington Elementary as a kindergarten aide and Tifnie Hansen as a special education aide at Huntington elementary. All names were approved by the board.

KMA was then awarded the bid as architect at Book Cliff Elementary and working with them will be Budhamas as the construction manager/general contractor.

Huntington Elementary Principal Jodi Carter was unable to attend but she had prepared a folder of information for each board member and Emery County School District Elementary Supervisor JR Jones shared her prepared notes.

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