Emery School District is Moving to Early Out Fridays District-Wide


Emery School District Press Release

Starting in August, all Emery schools will be releasing early every Friday to facilitate collaboration time for educators. Collaboration time is specifically used for educators to focus on improved student learning and quality instruction.

The district-wide collaboration provides time for teachers to meet with other colleagues and schools to discuss assessments, core curriculum standards, student learning, needs for re-teaching and enriching the curriculum. It is in the best interest of students, families and teachers to have a consistent collaboration time throughout the district.

Many of our schools have implemented collaboration in one way or another with elementary schools having piloted Wednesdays this last school year. In order to better meet the needs at all schools, educators will be using a combination of collaboration time after school on Mondays and through the school week. To support the additional collaboration time required, all schools will release by 1 p.m. Friday afternoons.

We know that consistently providing time to collaborate together about quality instructional practices, addressing barriers to education with a focus on individual students, is one of the most important factors affecting high student achievement and success. Our collaboration time throughout the district helps us to meet the needs of every child in every school.

Emery School District appreciates the community support and the opportunity to work with the children in all our communities.

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