Emery School District Ready for the New School Year


By Julie Johansen

During the Emery School Board meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 5, Superintendent Jared Black recommended the following individuals to the board for hiring: Korie Bouldin, accounts payable/purchasing specialist at the district office; Colton Allred, part-time custodian at Emery High; Brindy Grange, half-day teacher at Ferron Elementary for fifth grade; Annalee Howard; special education aide at Green River High School; Megan Hatt, Green River High volleyball coach; Kristy Guymon, promoted to full-time custodian at Emery High; and Tyler Morris, increased hours as custodian.

District administration remarked that negotiations with the Emery Educators Association (EEA) went well and they were appreciative that association was so good to work with. Funding has been a roller coaster ride; however, the district was able to offer medical and dental benefits as well two extended days for lessons preparation. The district also has a new policy for COVID-19 testing and disease leave.

In the superintendent’s report, he commended the effort and efficiency of the entire school district in working through the interesting situations created by the COVID-19 pandemic. He stated that the administrators, teachers and staff have all worked hard to make things the best they can be. Working in a tricky environment, Black feels that the district is in a relatively good place to start the school year, whether through face-to-face teaching or distance learning.

The distance learning is much improved now compared to when it became necessary in the spring, Black said. The exact numbers for each learning style are not known at this time, but the feeling is that a small percentage of students will utilize distance learning. The papers required for distance learning must be signed and returned to respective schools by Aug. 10.

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