Emery School District Welcomes a New Superintendent


By Julie Johansen

Dr. James Shank was welcomed by the Emery School Board as the new Superintendent of Schools at their June Meeting on Wednesday, June 19. Dr. Shank has served as the Juab District Superintendent of Schools for the past 14 years.

Dr. Shank received his doctoral degree from Idaho State University and his masters and bachelor degrees from BYU. Jackie Allred was also unanimously reinstated as the Emery District Business Administrator. Maleeya Mecham was accepted as the new student board member. She will be replacing Kallee Lake, who has served for the past year. Lake was thanked for her service and given a gift of appreciation.

During the work meeting held before the regularly scheduled board meeting, the Utah Fits All Scholarship and Dual Enrollments aspects were heavily discussed by the board and district supervisors. A Utah State law does not allow students who have received the scholarship funds to be actually enrolled in the schools. Some of the challenges are with Special Education requirements, assessment regulations, transportation, discipline and UHSAA requirements for athletic participation.

As the regular meeting began, Board President Royd Hatt called the meeting to order and Wayne Maxfield, District Maintenance Supervisor, gave an update on the construction at Emery High. The floors are being finished and wall painted (Including the murals in Library, Commons Area and the auxiliary gym). The IT Department is busy installing TV’s and intercoms. Moving the equipment from the old building to the new one was a gigantic task and Maxfield really appreciates all the help they received.

A fire lane needs to be finished before school can start in the new building. New furniture is scheduled to be delivered on July 17. Use of the new weight room for a few hours in the mornings has been given special permission from the Fire Marshal. Following his report, a motion was made and passed to enter into a public hearing to discuss the budgets for 2024 and 2025.

Business Administrator Jackie Allred presented the budget overviews to the board. There was special notice given to nearing the end of the four construction projects and the one-time revenue. The public hearing was closed and once the regular meeting reconvened, the budgets and a tax rate resolution for the coming year were adopted by the board.

The consent agenda was approved which included May’s warrants, financial reports, minutes from the previous meeting and the following names for hire:

Logen Ewell, Custodian full-time at Emery High, Corgan Healy, Registrar at Emery High, Colton Wilson, CTE Teacher at Canyon View Middle School, Lisa Bradshaw, Special Education Aide at Cleveland Elementary, Ashton Rowley, Head Custodian at Castle Dale Elementary, JanaKae Magann, Special Education Teacher at Canyon View Middle School, Tiffany Cowley, Principal at Cottonwood Elementary.

Secondary Supervisor, Doug Mecham, paid recognition to the Emery High Academic Allstate students for spring. Aubrey Yost and Cheyenne Bingham for girls golf, Chase Huggard for soccer, Maci Bunnell and Morgan Luke for softball, Wade Stilson for baseball, Elizabeth Carroll and Tyson Laws for theatre, Jorgen Robinson, Kelsey Jorgensen and Tyler Frandsen for speech/debate. Mr. Mecham also congratulated the following Employees of the Year: Elementary Teacher – Tricia Zwahlen, Secondary Teacher – Jodi Sitterud, Classified Employee – Brett Guymon, Volunteer – LaRae Leamaster.

The next action item, dual citizenship of students, was tabled so more information could be gathered. It is new to the state and guidelines have not yet been received by the districts. Many districts are studying the application of this new law.

Business Administrator Allred reported that they had received the prestigious Governor’s Finance Officer’s Association and the ASBO awards again for the 16th year. She said they would be having an internal audit this summer. During board member reports, Todd Huntington reported on the Solar Farms growing in the county. The Green River project between Ferron and Moore will be the 8th largest in the nation and the Hornshadow will be about half that size.

Kevin Gordon, CTE welding shop instructor had applied for funding for a new large crane to be used in the shop. He had received funding from the Perkins Grant Foundation but at the time new construction was just beginning. The new area was built to accommodate this piece of equipment and it should be delivered in the next few months. Because of the delay in receiving the crane, the price has changed from his approved funding of $103,000 to $117,103. Approval was given for purchase of the new crane by the board.

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