Emery Spardettes Host Spring Show *Photo Gallery 430 Photos*


The Spardettes preformed in their annual spring show Wednesday night along with several other dance groups from Emery County under the direction of Kylie Young, Brittany Julian, Donn Jeffs, Shelby Bagley and Danielle Tuttle.


1. Introduction of 2013-2014 Spardettes

2. Expression Dance Company

3. Military

4. One Step Above

5. ShowTime Dancers

6. Parade/Camp Routine

7. EHS Cheerleaders

8. Cheer/Drill Dance

9. Expression Dance Company

10. Senior Routine: Ashlee Guymon and Madison Winn Choreographed by Savannah Withers

11. One Step Above

12. Dance

13. ShowTime Dancers

14. HIP Hop-Choreographed by Blayr Jeffs

15. EHS Cheerleaders

16. Camp Hip Hop

17. Expression Dance Company

18. Edge

19. One Step Above

20. ShowTime Dancers

21. Character


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