Emery Swim Teams Dominate Home Meet


The Emery High swim teams came out on top Tuesday following a home meet against Grand and North Summit. The girls cinched a first place win with 134 points followed by North Summit with 74 and Grand with 66 points.

The boys swim team also finished in first place with their score of 117 points. North Summit was close behind with 110 points and Grand finished third with 45.

In the girls 200 yard medley relay, the team of Madi Allinson, Laryssa Guymon, Kaitlyn Sailing and Chyanne Carter captured first place honors with a time of 2:18. Valerie Chynoweth, Tarryn Parkins, Kaitlyn Gilson and Shaylynn Rowley had a time of 2:24.30, finishing in third place.

The boys 200 yard medley relay team comprised of Devin Wilson, Kelven Childs, Levi Jensen and Nate Gilbert competed the race in 1:59.43 for a second place finish. Taigon Pulli, Ethan Lemon, Daryl Guymon and Alex Stilson finished the race in fourth place with a final time of 2:11.44.

Chyanne Carter completed the 200 yard freestyle in 2:29.47 for a second place finish for Emery High. Kaitlyn Carter touched the wall in 2:44.23 and finished in fourth place followed by Erin Oliverson in fifth place with a time of 2:47.69. Teammate Jasmine Frederick completed the race in seventh place.

Kayden Parkins finished in second place in the boys 200 yard freestyle event with a time of 2:15.91. He was followed by Alex Stilson, Daryl Guymon and Zac Fauver competed the race in third, fourth and fifth place, respectively.

Madi Allinson placed first in the girls 200 yard IM with a time of 2:40.23 while teammate Tarryn Parkins finished in fourth place. Devin Wilson captured the first pace finish in the boys 200 yard IM race.

The 50 yard freestyle event found Chyanne Carter in second place, Shaylynn Rowley in sixth, Jasmine Frederick in ninth and Laura Burke in 15th place for the Emery girls team. Nate Gilbert placed third for the Emery boys in the same event followed by Garret Stilson in seventh, Ethan Lemon in eighth, Taigon Pulli in ninth place.

Emery captured the top two honors in the 100 yard butterfly event in both the boys and girls competition. Laryssa Guymon finished in first with a time of 1:08.85 followed by Kaitlyn Carter. Nate Gilbert finished in 1:13.40 for a first place finish in the boys event. Devin Wilson followed in second place. Kelven Childs and Kayden Parkins finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively.

In the girls 100 yard freestyle event, Krista Wright finished in third place followed by Vivian Koo in fourth and Kaitlyn Gilson in sixth place. Levi Jensen finished the same race in the boys division in fourth place while Garret Stilson placed sixth, Travis Fehlberg in eighth and Malone Moss in tenth place.

Madi Allinson took home first place honors in the girls 500 yard freestyle race and Kaitlyn Sailing finished in third. Alex Stilson sealed a first place victory in the same event in the boys division and Levi Jensen finished in third place.

The team of Chyanne Carter, Kitlyn Carter, Madi Allinson and Laryssa Guymon finished the 200 yard freestyle relay in first place with a time of 1:57.58. Erin Oliverson, Krista Wright, Vivian Koo and Katilyn Sailing placed fourth for Emery and the team of Jasmine Frederick, Laura burke, Valerie Chynoweth and Shaylynn Rowley finished in fifth place.

In the boys 200 yard freestyle relay, Zac Fauver, Devin Wilson, Kayden Parkins and Dakota Wright placed third followed by Garret Stilson, Taigon Pulli, Ethan Lemon and Tyeray Migliori in fourth.

Tarryn Parkins placed second for Emery in the 100 yard backstroke followed by Valerie Chynoweth in third, Kaitlyn Gilson in fifth, Shaylynn Rowley in seventh and laura Burke in eighth place. Taigon Pulli placed second in the boys division of the 100 yard backstroke while Zac Fauver placed fourth, Travis Fehlberg finished in fifth and Tyeray Migliori in eighth place.

Laryssa Guymon sealed a first place victory in the 100 yard breaststroke event while Kaitlyn Sailing finished in third, Erin Oliverson in fourth and Vivian Koo in sixth place. Kelven Childs finished in second place in the boys 100 yard breaststroke competition followed by Daryl Guymon in third place and Ethan Lemon in sixth.

The Emery team of Erin Oliverson, Krista Wright, Kaitlyn Carter and Tarryn Parkins finished in second place in the girls 400 yard freestyle relay. Vivian Koo, Valerie Chynoweth, Kaitlyn Gilson and Jasmine Frederick teamed up to finish in fourth place in the same event.

In the boys 400 yard freestyle relay, Kayden Parkins, Levi Jensen, Nate Gilbert and Dakota Wright claimed first place honors for Emery High while Zac Fauver, Alex Stilson, Kelven Childs and Daryl Guymon finished in third place.

Emery will compete again at home on Tuesday, Nov. 25 beginning at 4 p.m.

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