Emery Swims Away With Second Place Overall


The Emery High swim team competed against Carbon, North Summit and Gunnison on Tuesday afternoon at home.

The Emery girls came in second place with 78, while the Carbon girls were right behind them in third place with a 75. The Emery boys had a final score of 96, which ranked them in second place. The Carbon boys notched third place with a score of 70.

In the girls 200 yard medley, Carbon’s relay team of Megan Swasey, Veronica Ibanez, Sadie Crompton and Kaisha Lott swam to a first place finish with a time of 2:11.69, while Emery’s relay team of Madi Allinson, Kaitlyn Carter, Taryn Parkins and Erin Oliverson were close behind in third place at 2:17.88. Then in the 200 yard freestyle and 100 yard butterfly, Veronica Ibanez again received first place with 2:20.66 and 1:11.62.

In the boys 200 yard freestyle, Joseph Keller swam for first place in 2:06.28. Tyson Swasey came in first and Devin Wilson was right behind him in second place and came in with times of 2:24.89 and 2:24.96 in the 200 yard IM.

The Spartans will travel to Grand High School on Saturday for their next swim meet.

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