Say Yes to EAS


Emery Telcom recently announced that they have petitioned the Utah Public Service Commission to eliminate long distance fees for calls made between Carbon and Emery Counties in exchange for a small monthly fee. As part of this process, state regulators will be conducting a survey on Monday, Jan. 31 to see if residents support the petition.

Emery Telcom held two public meetings on Jan. 24 and 26 to inform the public of the many benefits to customers and local businesses, and to address any questions customers may have. The meetings were held in Price at the Emery Telcom central office and in Orangeville at the Emery Telcom business office.

On Monday, customers who receive a call will hear, “This is ____ calling on behalf of the Division of Public Utilities, Emery Telcom and the Office of Consumer Services. Currently, when you make a call between Carbon and Emery Counties you are charged for a long distance call on a per minute basis. Emery Telcom has proposed an Extended Area Service between the counties, which would eliminate such long distance charges. Would you be willing to pay an Extended Area Service Fee each month in order to have unlimited, toll-free calling to anywhere in Carbon and Emery Counties?”

Emery Telcom encourage all customers to voice their support and say “YES” if they are contacted as part of the survey. They believe that the elimination of long distance fees between the counties will be a great benefit to their customers, stimulate local business activity and profitability, and increase the sense of community between the interdependent counties.

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