Emery Telcom Fiber Project Nears Completion


Emery Telcom’s presently completed construction project will bring faster Internet speeds, better television service with more channel availability, and greater business services to Moab and its surrounding areas.

Emery Telcom Construction Manager Jeff Keele said the fiber project would be completed in March.

The current project – an extension of Emery Telcom’s continued network improvements that began with the company’s purchase of Precis in 2009 – consists of a fiber optic cable build connecting Crescent Junction and Moab.

The completed fiber project will connect Moab to Salt Lake City, which will create greater reliability throughout the area. It will also allow Emery Telcom Video to offer television packages with greater channel access and HD capabilities.

Additionally, Emery Telcom Video’s improvements will allow businesses greater access to large, reliable circuits. The fiber build includes lines to the new hospital as well as area businesses.

Keele views the series of projects as a significant commitment to the area.

“It is definitely a huge investment in not only the community of Moab but the entirety of Grand and San Juan Counties,” said Keele.

Future equipment installations, slated to begin in April, will provide 50 MB Internet speeds as well as give Emery Telcom Video the potential to offer voice telephone services in Moab. The scheduled improvements will also provide circuits across fiber to the businesses of Moab.

Emery Telcom Video is committed to providing the fastest, most reliable Internet services in Moab. The company is also excited to work with the residents and businesses of Moab to help ensure that Moab is set to compete economically and to improve the quality of education and health care.

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