Emery Telcom Help Schools Take “Positive Action”


For over 17 years, Emery Telcom has been donating funds to Carbon and Emery schools as part of their Positive Action Program. The program offers schools, including elementary, junior and high schools, $100 a month to be spent on encouraging positive actions in students through any means or programs the schools deem fit. The only requirement for Emery Telcom’s Positive Action Program is a written plan for each school explaining how they will use the funds to promote positivity within the school.

Throughout the years, many schools have benefited from the program. In a letter from Ferron Elementary, the faculty and staff thanked Emery Telcom for the monthly funds that have went towards buying small items for their “Treasure Tower.” Students are rewarded tokens for good behavior (i.e. by displaying respect, courage, service, responsibility and self confidence) that can be used to “purchase” prizes from the Treasure Tower.

“These rewards provide immediate feedback to the students and do not require extensive time in its administration,” Ferron Elementary faculty explained in the letter. ” We appreciate the commitment that Emery Telcom demonstrates to the students at Ferron Elementary.”

The Positive Action Program also helps reward students in Carbon and Emery counties for academic progress. Last year, the winners of the Southeastern Utah Sterling Scholar competition were given iPads from Emery Telcom. The hope was that the iPads would be beneficial to the students throughout the remainder of their schooling for research and homework.

Emery Telcom plans on providing the Positive Action Program to schools for many years to come. “All the schools have to do is submit a request along with their plans for the money each year to receive the funds,” stated Emery Telcom Marketing Director Barbara Rasmussen.



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