Emery Telcom Hosts Annual Meeting


Emery Telcom is a non-profit organization owned by phone service owners in Emery County. The company hosted its annual meeting on May 15 in Huntington which highlighted the direction the business plans to go in the coming years.

According to Emery Telcom CEO Brock Johansen, the meeting revealed the company is making adjustments to its infrastructure to provide customers with better, faster Internet service.

“We are currently in the middle of a six-year fiber project which will run lines directly to homes,” he said.

The project, which began in Emery County, is now moving to other service areas including Carbon County. Crews completed the Emery project recently and all that is left to do is run fiber optic lines from the curb, directly to customer’s homes.

By upgrading lines, Emery Telcom feels that customers will receive the best Internet service possible and will accommodate to each individuals need.

According to a recent study, the fixed broadband usage has increased by 39% in the past year while cellular broadband increased by 25%. These numbers demonstrate the need for increased Internet speeds in the company’s service area.

“When the demand for service increases, that’s when we increase our networks,” explained Johansen.

Emery Telcom is answering these needs by offering several Internet upgrade packages. The newest product offered by the company is Exstream Internet. The service provides 20 mbps download/2mbps upload speed, perfect for basic streaming, video chatting, online gaming and multiple device usage. Also available is the 40 mbps download/4 mbps upload speed which is suitable for heavy streaming, heavy gaming and multiple Internet users.

Business was also conducted during the annual meeting. Because the company is owned by its customers, the board of directors which represents the business is elected by owners in Emery County. One seat was up for re-election this year. This seat represents Huntington City owners. Kendall Mortensen had completed his prior five-year term and ran unopposed for another term. Mortensen was re-elected to the board during the meeting and was also elected as president of the directing board, a position which he held prior to last week’s election.

Current board of director members include:

Brock Johansen – CEO/Manager – Treasurer

Darren Woolsey – CFO

Kendall Mortensen – Huntington representative – President

Morris Sorensen – Emery representative – Vice President

Tom Hansen – Elmo representative – Secretary

Shawn Sitterud – Cleveland representative – Director

Kevin Tuttle – Orangeville representative – Director

Todd Hungtinton – Castle Dale representative – Director

Kathy Justice – Director at large

Cynthia Nielson – Ferron representative – Director

Art Hughes – Green River representative – Director

The board members look forward to upcoming upgrades to the company’s products and feel that the changes being made will provide better, faster service to Emery Telcom customers.


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