Emery Telcom Tops Charts For Fastest, Most Affordable Internet


Emery Telcom was recently awarded with six different awards from the 2020 BroadbandNow Internet Service Provider Awards.

On the state level, Emery Telcom was awarded the #1 Fastest Business Internet in Utah. On the national level, Emery Telcom received the Top 10 Most Affordable High Speed Internet Plans, Most Affordable Business High Speed Internet Plans, Top 10 Business Fiber Expansion, Top 5 Most Affordable Business Gig Internet Plans and the Top 10 Most Affordable Business Broadband Internet Plans.

Emery Telcom offers service throughout Southeastern Utah, including cable, internet and phone services. The fiber-optic internet provided from Emery Telcom is available in nearly all of Carbon and Emery counties as well as portions or Grand and San Juan counties. In addition to the fiber broadband, the company also offers cable internet services.
The cable service is available in Carbon, Emery, Grand and San Juan counties, which makes it the 82nd largest provider of cable broadband in the United States by coverage area. More information about Emery Telcom’s services may be found here.
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