Emery Town Council Reports on Responsibilities


By Julie Johansen

The Emery Town Council met on the Wednesday evening. Mayor Amy Sundstrom called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. Council members Patrick Sundstorm, Mike Christensen, Sam Payne and Lindsay Edwards were all in attendance. A review of the August minutes led to discussion and finally an approval. A motion to pay the invoices was made and approved.

The council then discussed the software needed to be able to continue reading the water meters remotely. The cost of the update was $2,675 and the mayor reported that her request for the Castle Valley Special Service District to pay that fee was denied. It was mentioned that it was a one-time fee until it becomes time to update again. The update was approved unanimously.

Each council member explained their responsibilities and projects they were working on. Councilmember Payne was reviewing the budget and Mayor Sundstrom ask him to that monthly. Councilmember Christensen reported that a building permit had been issued for a carport.

Councilmember Edwards informed the council about the dumpster and recycling bins being hard to reach and inquired about ways to change that with a stable structure. She explained that the natural lay of the land was not sufficient and requested a concrete pad or concrete blocks.

Councilmember Sundstrom reported the charges for municipal culinary water he received from the Castle Valley Special Service District. The fees are rated according to the hook up size. The charges are minimum and have remained steady.

Sundstrom also reported that the secondary water will be turned off on Oct. 1 for Emery Town. The council members all commented that they were impressed by the conservation of the town as a whole. It was also reported that the Bronco mine pumps are down so they will be getting water out of the secondary ponds.

General discussion items then included the damage at the recycling bins by slamming with a backhoe trying to reduce the load in the bin. The question was do they really need the recycling bin?

A public hearing at next month’s meeting to raise a salary in the office was announced. The importance and necessity of an expansion plan for the town was discussed and will be studied more.

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