Emery Town Council Reviews Plans For Emery Days


By Julie Johansen

The Emery Town Council reviewed plans for the city’s annual 24th of July Emery Days celebration during a meeting on Wednesday evening. The celebration will begin on July 18 and continue through July 20, 2019. The events planned include softball, fireworks, games for all ages, horseshoes, sawdust pots, parade, a program in the park, a fun run and a movie.

Mayor Gary Petty reported that the city is in the midst of amending the budget for the past year and working on next year’s budget, both to be approved at June’s council meeting.

Following the mayor’s recommendation, any decisions about an ATV park were postponed. Mayor Petty also asked for a motion to allow councilman Pat Sundstrom to replace him on the Castle Valley Special Service District council while he recuperates from surgery. Council members were also reminded that if they plan to file for reelection, they must file by the first of June.

Council members in turn made reports about their stewardships in the town. Councilman Brendan Jones reported a good turn out and much accomplished on the town’s clean-up day, despite foul weather. He also wondered if the council needed to develop an ordinance for Airbnbs as some are beginning to develop in the town.

Councilman Pat Sundstrom remarked that they need to look over the city’s nuisance ordinance.

Council person Shalane Christiansen, who is the chairman for the upcoming July celebration, gave an update on assignments. She also had no  news about the refurbishing of the old church in Emery. Mayor Petty reminded them all that they will have a public hearing before resubmitting an application to CIB for funding to help with the old church project.

Council person Amy Sundstrom said she plans to trim around the headstones at the cemetery, adding some community service hours for the youth.

Discussion continued about solutions for the overflowing dumpsters west of town. The good news was that people are cleaning and dumping, but keeping the dumpsters emptied seem to be causing some problems.

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