Emery Town Council Wants Citizens To Choose the 2017 24th of July Celebration Theme


ETV10 News Stock Photo of Previous Emery Town Celebration

By Julie Johansen

Looking forward to Emery Town’s 24th of July celebration, the town council will be conducting a contest to choose the best theme. It would like citizens to submit some ideas for the theme of this year’s celebration. Please submit your ideas to the town hall and the council will then choose the top three and ask residents to vote choosing their favorite.

The person who submitted the winning theme will win a cash prize. The dates for this year’s celebration are July 20, 21, and 22.

A recently passed ordinance was discussed regarding parked vehicles and immovable objects on the streets. This could make it impossible for emergency vehicles to reach their destination, so this ordinance will be enforced. They are asking residents to please remove these objects from the streets for their own safety.

A discussion regarding the big dumpsters in the town was next on the agenda. It was noted that the metal placed in the dumpster becomes the property of the city and thus removal is prohibited. Signs will be placed on the dumpsters to remind users. Also, council members are cautioning citizens using these dumpsters to make sure nothing is still burning or hot as this has resulted in fires.

A donation was approved for Girls State participants. Elexis Dalton and Dawson Byars will be representing Emery and each girl will be given $100. Jo Sansevero and Gina Swasey, representing the American Legion Auxiliary, accompanied the girls requesting the assistance.

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