Emery Town Council


After opening statements, Lorie Ann Larsen explained to the Emery Town Council about the new Emery County Miner’s Memorial to be placed on Main Street in Castle Dale. 

The memorial will cost about $350,000. Its purpose is to memorialize each miner, and their family, that lost their life in a mine disaster in Emery County. She explained that each person, business, or town that contributes $500 or more will also have name recognition at the memorial.  Emery Town contributed $500.

Another item of business was the discussion of how to get more participation in the town’s fire department. In order to comply with ISO requirements more individuals must attend monthly training meetings. This is necessary in order to keep house fire insurance rates down. This same problem, lack of participation, also exists with Emery Town’s CERT committee. There is talk of both committees being trained on a county basis. Mayor Mistie Christiansen ask each council member to come up with some incentive ideas to increase the number of participants in these programs.

The county-wide mineral lease money reduction will hurt each community in the county, so Emery may need to look at budget readjustments.

An online tribute to veterans was viewed. The Mayor Christiansen reminded all in attendance that it is because of veterans that they were able to meet and discuss city issues.

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