Emery Town Has a Council Vacancy to Be Filled


By Julie Johansen

With the appointment of Emery Town Mayor Amy Sundstrom in August, there has been a vacancy on the council. The position has been advertised but interested citizens have concern because the term expires on Dec. 31 of this year. Individuals interested in the position are encouraged to contact Emery Town Hall immediately to learn more.

In addition to the discussion on the vacancy, two resolutions were passed at the September Emery Town Council meeting. Resolution 2019-5 gives the mayor the power to negotiate the contract with the postal system for the Emery post office. Resolution 2019-4, supporting the Castle Valley Special Service District (CVSSD) bonding to be on the ballot this fall, also received unanimous approval.

Councilman Pat Sundstrom reported that the cougar roaming through the town had been put down. He felt that the young cats were abandoned when their mother was killed last year and came to town for food and protection. Sundstrom also reported that the chip and seal project slated for Emery should begin on Sept. 20. The council was then asked to make a list of projects to be given to the CVSSD.

Councilwoman Julies Jones mentioned a town cleanup in October and plans will be made at next month’s meeting. Councilwoman Shalane Christiansen told the council that the city would be reimbursed with grant money for the expenses spent on the old church.

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