Emery Town Looks Forward to New Activities


By Julie Johansen

The Emery Town Council chose the theme for the town’s annual July 24th celebration to be “In Their Shoes” at a council meeting Wednesday evening.

Using this theme, it hopes to develop some new activities as well as tie in old favorites. Many of these events will be finalized at its next council meeting on May 9. This is a different date than usual because of conflicting activities of some of the council members.

Also at the meeting, councilman Pat Sundstrom spoke on dog problems in the town and explained some new equipment for the fire department. Councilman Varian Allen reported on the Special Service District meeting. Chip seal coming, completion of the Ferron Water Treatment Plant, as well as sewer and water updates were all part of his report. He also met with CVSSD personnel about the drains on 4th South and 2nd East and it has been determined that something needs to be done. Allen also reported beautification plans for this spring. “Yard of the Month” awards will be begin soon.

Allen requested a light for the flag pole at the cemetery so that the flag could be left up for Memorial Day weekend. Consideration was given for replacing the current flag pole at the city park. Recent legislation has made it possible for Emery Telcom to request consideration of the town for ETV 10 News to publish public and legal notices. Other new business presented by Mayor Mistie Christiansen included new BLM maps ready to be downloaded on mobile devices.

EMT Terra Payne also explained new maps from dispatch to aid the EMS to find destinations. Council members Allan and Dalton were excused from the meeting.

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