Emery VS Manti *Photo Gallery*


Emery High School Participated in the State Playoff tournament on Saturday February 17 at Orem High School with Emery Spartans playing against the Manti Templars. Due to indiscernible calls from the referees, and Emery’s inability to make free throw shots, it was a close game.

In the first, as the quarter proceeded the boys seemed to get into their normal way of play, but still trailed behind Manti.

In the second, Emery and Manti had a rough time getting the ball moving across the floor due to fouls and many indiscernible calls from the referees. Emery still trailed Manti 35-28.

In the third, Emery finally made their way back to par with many different players highlighting the quarter, Dawson Jensen almost made a dunk, while others seemed to take offense to a higher level and make defense more of a priority. During the middle of the quarter coach Jeffs of Emery received a technical foul that the audience nor the opposing coach and referee agreed with, giving Manti the lead at the end of the third. Manti: 45, Emery: 41

The fourth quarter was not so controversial. It started to feel like an actual basketball game. Both teams played well but Emery Prevailed, bringing in the win with a final score of Emery 64, Manti 59.

Emery boys and girls will play in the state 2A tournament next week, at Southern Utah University, Thursday through Saturday.

Emery boys will play Thursday February 2 at 9:30 a.m. against Waterford High School at Southern Utah University.

Emery girls will play that same day at 4:30 against Beaver at Southern Utah University.

Check back often for updates on each of next weeks games.


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