Emma Park Road to Receive No Winter Maintenance From County


An announcement was made by the Carbon County Commissioners during Wednesday’s meeting that there will be no winter maintenance on Emma Park Road from the county. This decision was made in part due to budget concerns from the county.

The commissioners made this announcement to forewarn citizens that going forward this time of year, if they are to use the road for travel to do so at their own risk as the county will not be in charge of maintaining it.

The commissioners also convened as the board of equalization for the consideration and possible approval of recommendations of a board of equalization hearing officer to adjust and equalize the county tax assessment roll and more.

County Assessor Julie Medley was brought into the discussion previously and stated that she had no problems with a recommendation for a hearing officer, who would take on a lot of difficult conversations with individuals on tax purposes put forward by the assessor’s office.

Over 400 parcels were received by the board that have information pertaining to adjustments made, which is a larger number than previous years. The commissioners approved this item with the exceptions of a few items of concern.

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