Employees Honored for Years of Service to Emery County


By Julie Johansen

In appreciation for years of service to the county, Emery County Commissioners presented certificates to the following individuals at a commission meeting Tuesday evening:

Kyle Ekker, Brett Mills and Jeff Thomas, 30 years
Jeffery Weber, Colleen Murdock and Shon Roper, 25 years
Dusty Butler, Shawn Bell, Joyce Staley and Melanie Weaver, 20 years
Tasha Barnett, Ken Anderson, Jared Curtis and Garrett Conover, 15 years
Gaylene Cox, Dennis Fuller, Eric Nielsen, Alexander ONeil and Thad Morris, 10 years

The commissioners each expressed appreciation for the service these individuals have given to Emery County.

Many county employees also bid a fond farewell and best wishes to commissioner Ethan Migliori as he will be leaving the commission. The transition between commissioner-elect Lynn Sitterud and Migliori will take place at the first commission meeting in January. 

Also during the meeting, public hearings were conducted to receive input on the amended budget for fiscal year 2016 and proposed budget for FY 2017 for the Emery County General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Capital Projects Fund, Local Building Authority and Castle Valley Special Service District. As there were no public comments, the public hearings were closed and the budgets were all approved.

Business licenses were approved for Elements Wilderness Program, Craft Creations, Get It Done Naturally Enterprises and Summo Robotics, which are all located in the county.

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