Enjoy Free Fishing Day on June 7


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Press Release

If you’re looking for a fun activity that’s outdoors and close to home, mark June 7 on your calendar. On this day, you don’t need a fishing license to fish in Utah. 

“Make plans now to take your family out and enjoy a free day of fishing,” says Utah Department of Wildlife Resources Warm Water Sport Fisheries Coordinator Drew Cushing.

He said early June is one of the best times of the year to fish in the state. Fishing for warm water fish, including bluegill, catfish, white bass and smallmouth and largemouth bass, is just starting to pick up. And trout and other cold water fish are still active and available to catch.

Before free fishing day, the DWR will place extra fish in waters across Utah. Most of the fish will be placed in lakes and reservoirs, so these should be good places to fish on June 7.

Utah’s community fishing ponds are another good place to try. Before June 7, catfish that average 18 inches in length will be stocked into the ponds. “Catch one of these cats,” Cushing said. “You’ll be in for a fun fight.”

Depending on where you live, a community pond might be only a few minutes away. You can learn more about Utah’s community fishing ponds at www.wildlife.utah.gov/cf.

Cushing says the DWR will keep stocking catfish into the ponds until the temperature cools in the fall. At that time, the DWR will start placing trout into the same waters.

You don’t need a license to fish on June 7, but all of the other rules in the state’s fishing guidebook will still be in effect.

Cushing encourages you to get a copy of the 2014 Utah Fishing Guidebook and learn the rules. The free guidebook is available at www.wildlife.utah.gov/guidebooks. Copies are also available at DWR offices and from fishing license agents across Utah.

“If you have any questions, please call the nearest DWR office,” he said. “We’ll be happy to help you out.”

Several free fishing events will be held on free fishing day, including an event at the Carbon County Fairgrounds Pond.

Between 8 and 11 a.m. on June 7, the DWR will provide rods, reels and bait, along with supervision and instruction. Carbon County Recreation will provide free donuts, hot chocolate and coffee at the event. Wildlife officials will stock the pond before the event.

For more information, call Brent Stettler at the DWR office in Price at (435) 613-3707.

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