Enjoy the Furniture Draw San Rafael Hike


By Kaitlyn Tracy

Furniture Draw is an unmarked trail, set in the San Rafael Swell’s Buckhorn Wash area. This hike is an exciting and picturesque adventure for hikers of all ages. It is also a great area for horseback riding.

Distance from Price:

47 miles, about 1 hour drive

Hiking Distance:

Approximately 1.5 miles or 3 miles roundtrip

Average Hiking Time:

1-2 hours




Water, good shoes, sunscreen and camera


Temperatures in eastern Utah can become hot, especially in the desert where this hike is located. Hikers should be aware of sun exposure and bring plenty of water. Wearing sunscreen or other forms of sun protection, such as a hat, can help prevent sun-related injuries.

The hike is located in a wash (dry riverbed). If there is a rainstorm, flash flooding can occur. Make sure to check the weather for flash flood warnings before heading to this area.

Getting There:

From Price, hikers should travel south on Highway 10 toward Castle Dale.

After traveling 29 miles on the highway, hikers will turn left onto Green River Cutoff Road, just before entering the town of Castle Dale. Continue straight on this road for about 12 miles.

From here, hikers have two options:

1. Turn right onto Buckhorn Wash Road and travel about 1 mile. Parking is off the road to the left and hike goes up the canyon (follow ATV trail.)


2. Continue on Green River Cutoff Road until there is a sharp right-turn curve in the road (about 3.2 miles from Buckhorn Wash Road turnoff.) Park to the side of road. Hike starts south in the wash.

Option one starts at the bottom of the hike and is primarily uphill (slight grade change.)

Option two begins at the top and is primarily downhill.

Hikers may hike from one road to the other or complete a roundtrip hike of three miles.

The Trail:

The trail follows along a wash and is narrow in places. Some scrambling might be necessary, but overall the hike is easy. Keep an eye out for wildflowers and interesting rock features along the way.

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