Entertainment and Fireworks Coming to Wellington City for Pioneer Days


Pioneer Days ETV News Stock Photo

Wellington City Police Chief Rory Bradley announced on Tuesday morning that, with much convincing and a lot of effort, the city is now going to attempt to host a small concert and firework show on Saturday, July 25 to celebrate Pioneer Day. The police chief, along with his wife Sarah, traditionally spearhead the efforts of the annual celebration.

The entertainment will be provided by Shaylce Rauhala and her band, followed by the firework show. The band will be setup at the Wellington Park and the fireworks will be launched from the infield of the baseball field, all beginning around 8 p.m. Bradley stated that Sandy and Travis Rauhala donated a couple of hundred dollars for the fireworks, though donations will be needed from the citizens to finalize the plans.

Those that wish to donate for the firework show may contact Bradley.

“Social distancing while at the park will be a must, so plan on bringing your blanket and lawn chair and enjoy a couple hours out at our beautiful park,” Bradley concluded.

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