Environmental Study to be Conducted for Upper Price River Watershed


Further information was released regarding the Upper Price River Watershed and the evaluation of the needs and potential improvements that will increase and maintain safe and reliable water supplies for the community.

These improvements and needs also aim to increase water conservation and improve water delivery efficiency. The project sponsor for this is Price City, working with the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). It was stated that the purpose and need of an environmental study is to assist in identifying problems that need to be solved and provide the data outlining those problems.

This study is looking to find a solution that satisfies a number of objectives. These objectives are to protect existing water rights, provide safe and reliable water for municipal and industrial users now and in the future, enable increased efficiency in water use, and provide safe and reliable water for agricultural users.

In regard to needs, a number of factors are contributing to the current and future water situation for the watershed. The study will work to address the seasonal water shortages in the late summer, a need for regulating facilities to allow agricultural conservation and the expected population growth of 45 percent by 2065.

Furthermore, the environmental study will look to ensure that the water that is available in the Upper Price River Watershed is utilized as efficiently and effectively as possible. The chart that can be found below shows a comparison between the average amount of available water in the Price River each year with the average amount of the water used.

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