Equipment and Improvements for Huntington City


All council members were in attendance at the Huntington City Council meeting on Wednesday evening.

A business license was granted to Derk Jones for Jonezy Repair to be located in Mr. Jones shop in his back yard. A resolution to adjust the 2016-2017 budget was also approved. Councilman Justice reported the ongoing sidewalk projects, stating that three blocks are completed and three are left to do, but he recommended adding 2 1/2 more blocks. This money comes from the B&C road fund. Wall Contractors has been awarded the bid. Another sidewalk with safety hazards was also considered.

Consideration was given to the purchase of a salt spreader to be attached to the new truck recently purchased. Bids were reviewed and a motion to buy a spreader was approved by a 4-1 vote. However, further study was needed before awarding the bid so this item was tabled until next meeting. Bids were also received for a maintenance trailer. Ace Auto and Trailer Sales, owned by David Sebring, was awarded the bid. As this trailer will have multiple uses, the funds will come from the parks budget. The purchase of countertops for City Hall was also considered but tabled until further information can be gathered by council members. Money has been set aside for City Hall renovation in the amount of $15,000.

Beehive Drive has donated money to build a sidewalk from the pavilion to the concession stand at the city park. Wall Contractors will be doing this work. This action was approved unanimously. The Planning and Zoning Committee is working on the general plan. Updated code book sheets are available to each council member and these updates need to be noted in individual code books.

Public comments were welcomed and one citizen suggested being able to pay water bills for the whole year at one time. The clerk reported that this would make it difficult for the auditors. Mayor Gordon reported that three hookups up the canyon will be moved from the Special Service District to North Emery Water User system. This will give more pressure to those hookups, but six shares of water need to be transferred to make this exchange.

The mayor also reported that the city Christmas party will be on December 1, and each council member will have a specific assignment.

The city received a note of appreciation for the way the city has taken care of the flowers on main street, along with a request to thank those that have been responsible for this care.

Council members reported next. Leonard Norton spoke about a safety meeting with city employees held recently. He had some safety concerns about overgrown trees and bushes restricting signs and views of the highways.

Lenea Cowley asked that scouts be able to participate in a beautification project planting trees. She also expressed appreciation of Mr. and Mrs. Freestone for their care of the streets they walk by picking up garbage as they walk. Joe Ward reported that city maintenance men have worked on the Miners’ Memorial trying to clean up and polish it. Lights are now on the pavilion by the memorial. A trench has been dug at the cemetery to keep the drainage water from reaching the graves.

225 runners participated in the Little Grand Canyon Marathon was reported by LaMar Guymon. He thanked city workers for their help. He also mentioned that the San Rafael Bike Festival will be held Sept. 23, 24 and 25, and about 65 have registered for this event. He requested that council members make sure that city restroom lights and fans are off each evening.

Mark Justice thanked those that bring these events into the county for their help with economics. He also reminded about Bulls and Broncs Rodeo event that took place onSeptember 24 in Huntington. 

The zoning administrator then reported that in an effort to clean up the city, a mobile home was to be removed from a court but ended up at the city dump, which is illegal.  He told the council that Planning and Zoning are considering the annexation of Huntington State Park. 

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