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Weed & Mosquito Technician
Full-Time with benefits
Grade 14 @ $16.42 per hour

Performs skilled tasks related to the discovery, documentation, and eradication of noxious and invasive plants, and control and abatement of mosquitoes as required in the Utah pesticide control act and the Utah noxious weed act.

This position is in the remote and inaccessible locations in Emery County, and requires the physical ability to perform all duties in extreme weather conditions (summer and winter). Hard physical labor including shoveling drains in swamps, carrying extremely heavy loads through mud, willow and tamarisk, removing fallen trees and beaver dams in the county’s hardest to access areas.

Tasks require variety of physical activities. Generally involving muscular strain, such as walking on uneven terrain, standing, stooping, sitting, reaching, and lifting, and performing tasks on foot, from vehicles, or from a boat; Aspects of work require talking, hearing and seeing. Common eye, hand, finger, leg and foot dexterity. Day and nights travel in automobile or heavy equipment required in job performance. Urgency of control often demands that we work all day and through the night. Periodic exposure to toxic or hazardous materials and chemicals, as well as to disease carrying organisms.

Must be dependable, result oriented, trustworthy and always put the public first.
Must possess or be able to obtain a non commercial applicators license (categories: agricultural,
Right-of-way, public health).
Mechanical and welding experience preferred.

Graduation from high school or equivalent; AND four (4) years general work experience performing above and/or related duties; OR An equivalent combination of education and experience.

Applicants for employment may be required to undergo a drug test as a condition of employment. Must be a resident of Emery County or being willing to relocate.

Recruiting for this position ends October 5, 2021, at 5:00 p.m.

Send or email resume and completed employment application to: Mary Huntington, Emery County Personnel, Box 907, Castle Dale, UT 84513. Email:

Employment application can be obtained by calling 435-381-3578 or going to


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