Every drop counts-water conservation critical for area


In a desert region where water is the life-blood of the community, water conservation is an ongoing way of life. This year with Scofield Reservoir sitting at 38 percent capacity, water conservation is a greater concern.

Price Public Works Director Gary Sonntag is working hard to implement a conservation attitude in the community for a long-term solution to fluctuating water supplies. He has been trying to accomplish this through a series of educational posts on the city’s webpage.

It is imperative that city water tanks have time to refill each week. It becomes more than just the inconvenience of low water pressure for your shower. If the tanks become too low, the ability of the fire department to fight fires can be seriously compromised. With that in mind Price City is asking citizens to voluntarily cut back watering and other non-critical water use on Sundays to allow tanks a chance to refill.

The latest tip helps explain the situation:

Did You Know #6  That the Price City Water Treatment plant works 24/7 during the summer to deliver quality-approved drinking water. Yes it does. A large part of that process requires that the plant be temporarily shut down for a few hours, once a week, usually on Sundays, to check, clean, resupply and secure the inner workings of the plant so that it can continue to turn out a 1st class water product to you the customer. While the plant is temporarily shut down, no water is going out, reducing the flow needed to meet demand. Only spring water is flowing to the City. In the summer this is not enough when we have stop for a few hours to perform maintenance at the water treatment plant. So, an eye has to be kept on the water storage tanks to make sure adequate water levels are maintained and there is ample water for drinking and fire protection. We need your help on Sundays to “Slow the Flow” even more, refraining from outside watering on that day.

Thank you and have a fun summer!

Price City Public Works Department

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