Expand Your Opportunities Through the Rural Online Initiative


The USU Extension Rural Online Initiative hosted a meeting Wednesday evening in the Price City Hall to give residents an opportunity for in-person conversation pertaining to all that is remote work.

The evening was kicked off by program coordinator Jordan Leonard asking all in attendance to draw a pig. He then explained that how each individual drew the pig spoke to their personality such as whether they were optimistic, realistic or pessimistic, as well as whether they focus on the big picture or tend to be more detail-oriented.

Leonard stated that different personalities and work ethics of individuals is a great asset for remote working. Many jobs have many different personalities and every skill is marketable online. Leonard stressed that even jobs such as construction work may be used in remote work. Many companies are now looking for 3D assistance and building information modeling.

Leonard then informed those in attendance that he oversees multiple counties but his main focus currently is Carbon and Emery counties. The history of remote history was then touched on. With the availability of the internet, remote work has become more mainstream. However, it is not a new thing. He explained that the three categories of remote workers include freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees.

The Rural Online Initiative helps with training, mentorship and funding for remote work. Visiting remoteworkcertificate.com will lead to a website that has assessments and more to begin with placement and classes. The next Rural Online Initiative class is slated for Dec. 4. It is an accelerated class, meaning that it will run for two weeks instead of one month.

“The Rural Online Initiative is a catalyst for capacity building in Utah’s rural communities,” program coordinators shared. “This pilot program collaborates with public and private sector partners to facilitate education for online opportunities in remote employment, freelance work and e-commerce.”

There are apps that coincide with the online schooling that will assist with connecting with other classmates, coursework and more. Leonard stressed that there are thousands of jobs that connect with remote work such as design, support, finance, healthcare, publishing, education and more. Remote work is known to provide a higher income, lower stress, a greater work-life balance and extended working age, he explained.

“The Rural Online Initiative will educate, coach, and mentor citizens of the rural workforce who are currently unemployed, underemployed or have dropped out of the workforce to obtain freelance jobs, remote employment or online commerce opportunities,” it was further explained.

Those that are interested in joining the Rural Online Initiative may visit the aforementioned website to begin an assessment. The USU Extension office may also be contacted at (435) 636-3233.

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