Expansion of Price’s Adult Community Service Work Program Discussed by City Council


Pictured: Judge Jon Carpenter of the Carbon County Justice Court discusses the upcoming expansion with Price’s City Council last Wednesday.

Judge Jon Carpenter of the Carbon County Justice Court along with several others dealing with the justice court appeared in the Price City Council Chambers last Wednesday to discuss an upcoming expansion of the city’s Adult Community Service Work Program. The new expansion will allow those persons who are working to fulfill fines through community service to do so under the watch of Janey Campbell.

Campbell has already worked extensively with both juveniles and adults on community service projects and was a natural fit for the job. She will work with Price City cases while other court cases will remain with the same programs and jurisdiction.

Those involved remain hopeful that the change will prove useful to the city and those involved.

“We’re just trying to change the existing program to make it better suited for the defendants who are working to pay off their fine,” said Price City Attorney Nick Sampinos.

“We want them to be able to be accountable and meet what is required of them in the court process,” Judge Jon Carpenter said at the meeting. “If it works it should be a really good thing. We should see some streets cleaned up, some weeds removed, some dust and dirt, rocks removed, just some areas that need to be addressed.”

During the trial year of the new expansion, updates will be given to the city council every three, six, nine and 12 months so that the program may be monitored and evaluated.

“I have no doubt in my mind that it will work,” Price City Mayor Joe Piccolo said at Wednesday’s meeting, “I furthermore pledge myself from the office of the mayor to do whatever it takes to make it work for each of you.”

The motion to approve the expansion was given at the meeting by council member Wayne Clausing and seconded by council member Kathy Hanna-Smith. The motion was carried and will be put into action.

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