Extra-Curricular Awards Given at Green River High School


Green River High School hosted its extra-curricular activities awards banquet to cap off the school year on Tuesday.

Parents and students were invited to attend the banquet. Food was donated by the Tamarisk Restaurant in Green River to all in attendance. Students were then given awards for activities they did throughout the year.

The night went as follows:

Welcome by Principal Fluckey

Coach Hepworth – Awards for Track and JH Girls Basketball

Coach Suarez and Coach Andrus – Awards for Volleyball

Madison Suarez – Awards for FCCLA

Coach Olsen and Coach Meadows – Awards for JH Boys Basket Ball

Coach Huges, Coach Corrigan, and Coach Hansen – Awards for Baseball

Coach Huges and Coach Hansen – Awards for Basketball

Coach Hughes and Coach Bastian – Awards for Boys and Girls Golf

Coach Bastian and Coach Kira Hughes – Awards for Girls Basketball

Bina Knight and Bridget Meadows – Awards for Cheer Team

Dale Roundy – Awards for Robotics Team


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