Extreme Weather Causes Highway 10 Wreck


Two coal trucks and a passenger vehicle were involved in a three-car accident Wednesday afternoon about nine miles south of Emery Town on Highway 10.

The coal trucks, the first from Robinson Transport and the second from Barney Trucking, were traveling northbound. Dean Stilson, Orangeville, and his family were traveling southbound in the family SUV. Nobody was seriously injured.

Approximately two feet of water was flowing across the highway at almost the exact point the vehicles crossed paths.

The first truck noticed the water and slowed down, but the second truck lost control and slid into the first. The truck then jackknifed and sideswiped Stilson’s vehicle.

Stilson said he saw the event unfolding and tried to maneuver out of the way but couldn’t avoid the accident.

Stilson said, “The driver’s ed. teacher’s not supposed to get in a wreck, but I am just happy to be alive.”

Five people involved in the accident were transported to Castleview Hospital for observation.

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