Faces at the Castle Valley Center


Carbon School District Press Release

As has been said many times, a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Please enjoy the photos of the faces of students attending the Castle Valley Center.

You may wonder why they mostly have a smile on their face and are either folding or holding the hands together. Since school began this fall, we have been working on using nice hands as we work together and learn together. We call it the nice hands initiative. This is part of our school improvement plan. We refer to it as Positive Behavior Interaction and Support, (PBIS) for short. Our students are responding well to the encouragement they receive each day to use nice hands at school. Many students are learning that being nice is a preferred method to get attention from those around them. As the year goes on, we will extend our initiative to other socially acceptable behaviors such as staying in your seat and using kind words in our interactions. Our ultimate goal at the end of the year is for our students to communicate with others in socially acceptable ways.

Using nice hands, nice language and nice manners are all part of being able to communicate in a positive way with those around us. As the students show positive behaviors, they are rewarded by their teachers in different ways. Some students just love to be complemented by their teacher and others. Some prefer a tangible reward such as something they can eat or a prize. Our overall goal at the Castle Valley Center is to improve our student’s quality of life. This can happen in many ways.

First, a student needs to be able to get their needs met in a socially acceptable manner. Every day is a great day as our staff see the student’s progress in this all important area of being able to communicate and get along with others. Our staff feel this is a little part of heaven here at the Castle Valley Center. The public is welcome to come and visit or volunteer anytime. Come by and see what we do.


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