Fairs, Floods and Funds Face Castle Dale City Council


By Julie Johansen

Amanda Leonard, Emery County’s event coordinator, approached the Castle Dale City Council on Thursday to request the donated use of the city’s parks for the coming fair and Joe’s Valley Bouldering Fest.

The county celebration will be for Emery County citizens only and events will be dispersed throughout three areas, including the Emery County Aquatic Center, rodeo park and Castle Dale City Park, so that social distancing can be practiced. The Joe’s Valley Bouldering Fest, scheduled for the last week in September, will be a virtual fest. This event will also be limited in size and scope due to the pandemic. The council voted to contribute the city’s facilities to the two events.

Also during Thursday’s meeting, it was said that the heavy rainstorm that occurred the week after Memorial Day continues to plague Castle Dale. Citizens addressed the council, requesting solutions to the flooding that occurred. City ordinances were questioned, a call for rescinding a letter from a councilman and inability to cooperate as neighbors complicated any solution.

Legal counsel for Castle Dale City was in attendance and will review the ordinances. The council responded that since part of the affected area is in the county, maybe they could meet with the county’s emergency management team for a solution. Following these actions, this will be addressed at the upcoming council meeting in September.

Kerry Lake, zoning administrator, presented a plat of Art Olsen’s planned subdivision to the council for their approval. The land use committee previously reviewed the plan and recommended it be approved by the city council. The council approved it with a vote of 4-1. The subdivision will be located between approximately 8th and 6th North and Center and Second West. The plan is to be completed in sections.

A public hearing was then opened to review new water rate resolutions. Resolution No. 8-13-2020B changes the water rate for culinary, sewer and secondary water rates and connection fees for inside and outside city limits while Resolution 8-13-2020A establishes fees fines and penalties for the secondary water system. These rates are established by the Castle Valley Special Service District. The basic district water rate schedule is $11 per month while outside of the district it is $45. The sewer rate inside is $7 per month and outside the district it is $22. There were no public comments, so the hearing was closed and the resolutions were adopted.

The council also approved transferring the funds budgeted for the inevitable cancelled Christmas social to purchasing more Christmas street decorations. Animal control officer Seth Smith then reported that he is busy screening and testing those that have applied for licenses in the Urban Deer Control Program.

Treasurer Jaki Collard reported another increase in sales tax from 2019 of $1,747 and a transient room tax increase of $1,237. Castle Dale City Clerk Lael White stated that there are 87 active or renewed business licenses in Castle Dale. Mayor Danny Van Wagoner concluded the meeting, reporting that three businesses have applied for the CARES Act funding and the use of it for city reimbursements.

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