Fallen Heroes Honored


Utah Firemen’s Association members hosted a memorial service in honor of their fallen comrades Thursday at the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Price.

Captain Steve Carlson and his wife, Diane, read the memorials for each firefighter. A bell was struck as each name was read, and that fire fighter’s family and crew stood in his honor.

Tears were shed as the local fire chief handed a plaque to each family and shook their hands in commemoration of outstanding service and dedication.

Some of those remembered had served in WWII, and a few were part of the association for over 60 years.

Finally, dispatch came over the radio giving a final call to the honorees.

Later that evening the citizens of price were treated to a parade of fire engines. Trucks from all the local departments, and even one from American Fork, were there to blare their horns for the crowd. Candy and poppers were also thrown.

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