Families Rally to “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”


Several families and friends came to support for the family of Shaniel Donaldson and a campaign against domestic violence on Saturday. To begin the event, Miss Carbon County Celeste Smith thanked those who came to show their support and the Oliver family for allowing her to organize the walk. All proceeds from the walk go to the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Next Amie Sorensen, Donaldson’s sister, spoke.

“It’s been a little over two years since Shaniel was taken from us,” she said. “Sometimes it still seems like we are stuck in a bad dream. We think about her every single day. We think about what life would be like today if she were still with us. We will never know. Her husband made a fateful decision to end her live, and now Shaniel will never know the joys of fulfilling her role as mother, daughter, sister and friend. And we will never know what we missed with her.

“Shaniel continues to hold a place in our hearts. Memories of her have become priceless treasures. We feel her love all around us as we show more love to those who need a hand up. We hear her laughter when we gather together as a family and share memories. We feel her gentle influence when guiding her children. We feel comfort and peace knowing she left this earth doing good. She always put her best self forward and the light and love she emulated reached far and wide.

“Shaniel lit up a room with her humor and wit. She worked hard and made decisions to better her life in order to take care of her family. She was responsible and dependable. She supported family activities and never missed an opportunity to make memories. She was fun! She was always doing something to make you laugh, and her laughter was contagious. Every time you were around Shaniel, she made it a holiday.

“Shaniel was kind. She cared for the sick and the aged. She showed genuine love for others. She not only mended broken bodies, but she mended broken hearts. She was a good example. A lovely and beautiful person both inside and out.

“Shaniel left us far too soon, but we know she went straight to work doing good on the other side. Shaniel did not waste time here, and we have no doubt that she is not wasting time there. Her energy, excitement for life, positive attitude and determination are sure to take her on many more grand adventures. We feel immense love and an overwhelming sense of peace as we look forward to the day when we will be reunited with our sweet angel once again.

“Shaniel would want us to continue to help those who need help, encouragement, hope and change. We can show love and concern for victims of domestic abuse by giving of ourselves in time, resources and education. We will continue telling Shaniel’s story on social media, in our communities, state, our nation and world. Domestic violence affects everyone. It affects good people trying to do good things. We can make a difference even if it’s one step or one person at a time. Let’s all make a commitment to be more vigilant in knowing the signs of domestic abuse and not be afraid to step in and help. It may save someone’s life.”

After the speeches, those gathered walked to the bridge on the Price River Trail and released a large cluster of balloons in remembrance of Shaniel. They then began a two mile walk in her honor.

For more information about domestic violence prevention, visit www.misscarboncounty.org.

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