Family Fun at the Christmas Tree Regalia


This year’s Christmas Tree Regalia set out to be a great one as it took place at the Carbon County Event Center at the fairgrounds in Price. Doors opened at 4 p.m. and closed at 9 p.m. and spanned Wednesday through Friday. At the regalia, 50 trees were decorated for the holiday-spirited event. People who attended the regalia could bid on the trees to take them home with them after the event was concluded.

Each tree that was decorated for the regalia was sold this year. Those who had the highest bidding price were able to pick them up from the event center or, if they were unable to do so, the trees were delivered.

The money raised from the Christmas trees was over $32,000 and will be donated to the Children’s Justice Centers in Carbon and Emery counties. They are working on a project for creating a medical room for the children who are staying there. This is so they won’t have to be transported elsewhere to a place that might be unfamiliar to the children needing medical attention.

The entertainment of the event consisted of performances from the local schools, dance studios, singing groups and more. Even the Carbon and Emery royalty made an appearance and brought their talents to share with the audience. There was food that could be purchased while strolling along the festive Christmas trees and also a Christmas store. People could purchase Christmas decorations and other holiday knick-knacks,

Santa was present for the event each night of the regalia. Children were able to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas this year. The kids could also write a letter to Santa Claus to ensure he didn’t miss a thing they said. An angel tree was provided at the regalia for anyone who wanted to select an ornament and do some special shopping for someone in need. There were 230 names on the tree and every name was picked and taken.

Connie Hamilton, one of the event’s key organizers, wants to thank everyone who came and for the support the event has received from the local communities. She also wants to specially thank the USU Eastern cosmetology students who came to lend a helping hand.

They will be doing the Christmas Tree Regalia again next year during the first week of December and it will again be hosted at the event center. Hamilton has seen the growth that this event has made and hopes to see it continue to do so in the future.

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