Family Hopes For New Restaurant in Ferron


Jimmy, Vicki, Michael and Vanessa Allen, all from Orangeville, visited the Ferron City Council Tuesday with hopes of securing a replacement spot for the Snack Shack at the Millsite Golf Course.

The family would like to introduce authentic Mexican food to Emery County. The current Snack Shack owners plan to close the restaurant two weeks after Peach Days.

Jimmy Allen said, “The timing is perfect.”

The Allen family would like to keep the new restaurant open year-round, offer catering, create a delivery service and partner with Ferron City to offer beverages on the golf course. The restaurant would be called Hole in One.

Councilmen agreed to create a contract within the next two weeks.

Councilmen would make the final decision on the situation on Sept. 22.


  • Councilman Garrett Hansen expressed concern that Neilson Construction tankers might be taking water from culinary hydrants without paying. Hansen wondered if trucks were driving from Huntington to obtain the water. Councilmen agreed to question Neilson Construction about the situation.
  • Councilmen continued to plan Peach Days. The fun run will go ahead as planned, but the rock, paper, scissors tournament has been canceled.
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