Family Time at Pinnacle Canyon Academy


By Brianna Bettino, Pinnacle Canyon Academy Journalism Student

In 2014, Pinnacle Canyon Academy implemented a new program called Family Time.

Family Time consists of students from grade K-12. A student from each grade goes into a group with a teacher. This is then considered the students “family group.” In their groups, students do different projects like make a craft, go for a walk or hang out and get to know each other. Family Time happens once a month on a Friday for two hours.

“It’s good for the kids,” stated music teacher Anneliese Clark. “It gives them a nice environment and helps them develop good relationships.”

Family Time makes the students interact with people they don’t usually associate with. “It also forces the teachers out of their comfort zones and to get to know new kids,” said history teacher Melissa Jeppson. This allows the students from elementary to get to know the high school students. “It teaches them how to be in high school and interact with older kids,” explained junior Eric May.

The majority of Pinnacle’s students and faculty like the idea of Family Time. They believe it gives the elementary students a chance to get to know the high school students. It also shows them that there is no need to be scared of the high school students. They are hoping that this program will help the younger students build a bond with the older students. They have implemented Family Time as a means to stop bullying. “It lets them know they can trust us,” said junior Kaysha Miller. “That they can have friends in a higher grade and can come to us for help.” Family Time seems successful.

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