Fausett Resigns from Carbon School Board, Swenson Takes Oath


On July 15, the Carbon School Board began its regular meeting with announcing the resignation of District 2 board member Melanie Fausett and the appointment of Melissa Swenson in her place. Due to a change in residency outside of District 2, Fausett resigned from her position on the board.

In the 7.5 years of serving on the Carbon School Board, Fausett attended 96 board meetings, 12 two-day conferences and worked on an estimated 200 policies. Fausett also created new programs that entailed a readathon at Creekview Elementary, created a connection between high school students and citizens in local nursing homes, and allowed the graduating seniors to visit the students at the elementary schools that they once attended.

“I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to see that people that you teach do such great things,” said Carbon School Board member Kristen Taylor.

Carbon School Board vice president Jeffery Richens expressed his appreciation for Fausett’s hard work and more so, her passion for excellence, student learning and opportunities for the students.

“I know you care,” said Richens. “Caring is probably the greatest asset any board member can have with dealing with people’s children.”

Carbon School Board president Wayne Woodward added, “Thank you for your unwavering honesty and caring.”

“Through the 7.5 years, you guys have helped me with a lot of confidence and taught me a lot,” said Fausett. “I’ve learned a lot from each one of you… I thank the community for letting me serve.”

Swenson then took an oath of office instructed by Darin Lancaster. Swenson’s term went into effect on July 15.

“As the newbie, my intention is to listen and learn for a while,” said Swenson. “I’m excited to hopefully get this re-opening school going. I know that students, parents and faculty are anxious to get back into the buildings and see each other and join together for some educational opportunities.”

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