Fear of gas leak prompts Price Fire Department to Cordon Off a Block of 100 North Saturday Night


On a frigid Saturday night, Price Fire Department responded to a report of a strong natural gas smell in the area by a resident with aВ  home located by a Questar distribution facility on 800 North and 100 East. Small gas releases from the small fenced in pipe junction are common and not a threat, but on Saturday the odor was noticeably stronger.

Even though gas readings by the Hazmat crew seemed to fall within the normal spectrum, the Price Fire Department decided not to take any chances and cordoned offВ  a one block area of 100 North until an official from the Questar Distribution Division could come and check out the situation. No evacuations were deemed necessary.

Price Fire Department incident spokesperson and Hazmat Tech Bob Potts stated that everything being done was a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of the surrounding residents.

After a careful inspection by the Questar Technician and the Fire department it was determined that the source of the odor was a small leak from a flange at the facility. Questar felt it was a simple repair they could make by tightening bolts fastening the flange and the scene was released.


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